Original title: Countdown to the National Table Tennis Championships! Chen Meng's training picture is fresh and pleasant, and Malone's Beijing team uniform is complained


On September 30th, Beijing time, there was only one day before the official start of the National Ping Pong Championships 2020. Since all members of the National Ping Pong Table Tennis Team have completed the physical tests on the 29th, fans such as Ma Long, Xu Xin and other “veterans” who were worried by the fans also passed smoothly. After the physical test, today is the last day of pre-match preparations, including activities such as adapting to the venue, taking promotional photos, etc. Compared with the exciting competition, the pre-match activities show the other side of the national table tennis players, some small details It is also full of fun, allowing us to see different national table tennis players.


Among them, the most commendable is Nv Ping's Chen Meng. As the head of the Shandong team in the National Championships, Hua Dan is also the world's well-deserved number one in women's table tennis. Chen Meng should be said to be relatively low-key among the national table tennis players. Whether it is participating in interviews or other activities, she gives people a kind of girl next door. Well-behaved, before the start of this championship, Chen Meng and the Shandong team had done the training for site adaptation in advance!


It can be seen that Chen Meng in the pre-match field adaptation training can be said to be "fresh and pleasant", which is completely different from her "decisive and decisive" appearance on the field. Of course, when we talk about an athlete, it is not accurate enough to mention her appearance. In the final analysis, we still have to talk about her job. This championship is a very good opportunity for Chen Meng. Compared with other first-line female table tennis players, For example, Sun Yingsha, Zhu Yuling and Wang Manyu, only Chen Meng has not won the championship, so this time Chen Meng must win!




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